Kristen & Tony – Maternity Session

We are SO excited for the arrival of Kristen and Tony’s twins….and I was honored to capture a few moments with them before the babies are here! As your due date approaches, I wanted to share some of the gorgeous photos of you guys that I was able to get. To Kristen – you are an inspiration to me. You continue to inspire me through all of your accomplishments with your career of teaching, your passion for coaching and recreation, and your awesome dedication to your friends, family, and husband. You are always there for me and an amazing mentor to me as I start my career in teaching as well. To Tony – thank you for always looking out for me and being there for me. From watching you two grow together as a couple, to having you there for me throughout my life including moving me into college one year…I know you will be phenomenal parents and I am so incredibly lucky to be able to witness your growing family! Love you both to pieces and I am so glad you are bringing another addition to the Muzzy family! <3