Printing Your Photos

First of all, click HERE to view your print release!

Many people ask where I recommend printing their photos. The first thing I will tell you is to try to avoid Walgreens as much as possible. Yes, they do give you your photos within an hour. But, this means that they do not look over your images at all. A machine prints them, pretty much ruins the quality, and spits them out at you. They really do ruin the coloring and everything else about your photo. If you spent the money and time paying for a photo shoot, why would you want to pay little money for your finished product? My advice: don’t go to Walgreens.

There are two other websites I do use, but I still don’t consider the best. is a great website for making photo books. Their quality is outstanding. But for actual prints, I don’t think they are the best. I have gotten images from them before that seem to have color issues. The other website is They always have deals going on, and if you are on their email list you will get frequent discounts. I don’t think their quality for making photo books is as good as Shutterfly, but I do think they have nice photo prints.Snapfish does a nice job printing photos, and I would definitely recommend using them. But, they are still not my top recommendation…

The BEST place to print your photos is (drumroll please): They are a professional photo lab, and every other amazing photographer I know uses this website. They have employees check every single one of your images before they are sent out, and they almost always ship by the next day. They photo quality is absolutely outstanding, and they even have different finishes to add to your photos (Luster, metallic, fuij pearl, etc.). I only get my prints from Mpix, as should you! They are not much more expensive then Walgreens, and they are 110% worth it! Check their website out Here.