Scheduling Your Session

You made it! Now it is time to figure out the details!!


In order to schedule a session, I just need you to tell me a few things:

1. The type of photo shoot you want (you can find different shoots I offer and their prices listed Here)

2. The date you need me (or potential dates you are interested in)

3. The time of day you would like to have your shoot

4. Who will be in the photo shoot

5. Location

Once you have an idea of this information, you can do one of the following:

  • Contact me through the ‘contact’ section on my website
  • Email me at
  • Send a Facebook message to my page Listed Here

I check all three of these daily, so I will return your message within 12 hours. If I don’t respond within this time period, you will get 10% off your shoot! Once we email, I will give you my phone number and we can go over any more details if needed!

PLEASE feel free to ask me any questions or address any concerns you have, I am always here to help!